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Ellie-Mae is steadily gaining love from consumers across the United Kingdom for producing the cleanest burning candle on the market. You won’t find any artificial colour in our candles, unless you choose to add some at checkout, nor will you find any lead in our wicks.

Beeswax enhances fragrance throw, increases burn time, and literally cleans the air in your home as it burns! Ellie-Mae candles consist of a 100% Soy, 100% Beeswax or a blend of beeswax and natural soy wax farmed right here in the UK.

From the very beginning, Ellie-Mae has been on a mission to prove that soy wax is the healthy alternative to paraffin wax, a derivative of petroleum. Lab tests have shown that paraffin candles emit harmful chemicals as they burn, but it’s only recently has the public become more conscious of this fact.

Ellie-Mae’s mission to spread the soy and beeswax message is helping revolutionise the way people think about health and sustainability with each candle they light.